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Petfinder has launched its I Am A Cat Parent campaign, a great opportunity for all of us cat lovers to show our pride in our love for all feline-kind and dispel stereotypes about cats and cat people. Among other things, the campaign features a gallery of cat dads, some great “cattoos” — including the tattoo I got to celebrate the lives of my beautiful Sinéad and Dahlia — and catification tips courtesy of Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther.

My "cattoo"

My “cattoo”

Join the campaign and share the kitty love! The Paws and Effect Gang loves Petfinder and all the work they do to help shelters help cats find loving homes.

Books totally ARE better with friends!

Books totally ARE better with friends!

And then there’s this awesome video (which features a very handsome black cat, by the way, and Siouxsie and Bella are crooning over him!) about cat stereotypes.

(In a reader? Watch the video here.)

Please join the I Am a Cat Parent campaign and share the kitty love with all your friends.