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Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties:

Almost a year ago, my mom got my sister a cat for Chirstmas and for some reason the cat kinda just bonded to me. She doesn’t go to anyone else in the house to be petted or even listen to them, but she will listen to me and come to me while I am watching TV or on my Kindle and just start purring and wanting me to pet her. She generally only trusts me to get her food. I love cats and tend to act like a cat, just kinda doing my own thing, and she’s bonded with me so much she won’t even leave my room when I’m not home. I don’t mind it, I’m just hoping for insight about this.

~ Joseph

Siouxsie: Well, Joseph, we cats have our own ideas about who our people are. I’m sure your mother thought she was getting that cat for your sister, but once she met you, she decided you were hers!

Thomas: It sounds like you’re just that cat’s kind of person. I personally am glad I adopted Mama because she’s also quiet and easygoing, and she likes to read and do other things that make for good lap time.

Bella: Maybe your sister’s more outgoing or high-energy? Or maybe your sister had another cat in mind and when this cat came along she didn’t strike your sister’s fancy? Who knows?

Siouxsie: A long time ago, Mama had an experience a lot like yours, Joseph. Her mama brought a cat home, mostly because that cat wasn’t getting along where she was.

Thomas: Mama’s mama (our grammie) is a soft-hearted person and probably the main reason why Mama loves cats so much. Hi, Grammie!

Bella: Anyway, as soon as Grammie let that cat out of the carrier, she ran under the couch and wouldn’t come out when anyone was in the living room.

Siouxsie: But one day, Mama coaxed that cat out with some stinky canned cat food, and from that day forward, Mama was the only person she would be around. The cat snuggled with Mama in bed, sat next to her when she was reading, and only left Mama’s room when it was time to eat or use the litter box.

Thomas: I decided Mama was my human the minute I met her. She came to visit me in the shelter and I was so sick I could barely breathe. I was in the isolation room and I was so lonely! But then Mama came along and I felt like my long, lonely days were over! I was still really sick and I had a pretty rough go of it there for a while, but once I was better, she came to take me home.

Bella: And, of course, I also decided Mama was mine when I first met her. I was really sad when she left the shelter that day, but she promised me she was going to come back — and she did!

Siouxsie: I kind of grudgingly accepted Mama at first. I only came along because my sister Sinéad ran out of the carrier and curled up on her lap without even checking for danger. Somebody had to protect that foolish little cat! *sniffle*

Thomas: Ultimately, Joseph, the reasons why cats bond to specific people more than others has a lot to do with the kind of energy they put out. Most cats tend to prefer quieter people because we ourselves are pretty quiet creatures.

Bella: But some cats are really outgoing and love to be in homes full of action and energy. It really depends on the cat.

Siouxsie: It’s kind of like why you become friends with some people and not others: sometimes it’s shared interests, sometimes it’s similar lifestyles, and sometimes it’s just because a person may just rub you the wrong way for no obvious reason.

Thomas: We cats are choosy about our friends, and it sounds like your cat made a very good choice with you!

Bella: What about you other readers? Have you found a cat that wasn’t meant to be “yours” bonding with you rather than the person for whom the cat was intended? Do you have any ideas about why? Please share your thoughts in the comments!