JustAnswer PixelPaws and Effect

A beautiful article written by John F. Burns appeared in the October 14 New York Times Week in Review. The article, “What Cats Know About War,” is a personal piece about his dealings with the feline refugees of the war in Iraq.

“IT was a bitterly cold night in the Baghdad winter of 2005, somewhere in the predawn hours before the staccato of suicide bombs and mortars and gunfire that are the daily orchestration of the war. Alone in my office in The Times’s compound beside the Tigris River, I was awaiting the telephoned “goodnight” from The Times foreign desk, eight time zones west, signaling that my work for the next day’s paper was done.

That is when I heard it: the cry of an abandoned kitten, somewhere out in the darkness, calling for its mother somewhere inside the compound.”

Read the rest of the story here (no registration required).

Thanks to Dr. Patty Khuly for sharing this story in her blog, Dolittler.