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4-box set of Catty Stacks

This is just one example of how you can arrange your Catty Stacks. They also come in green, brown and blue.

As a special thank-you to all of our readers, we’re getting ready to do a give-away. As soon as our Facebook page reaches 1,000 fans, we’re going to post a three-question trivia contest — and the winner will get a four-box set of awesome Catty Stacks cat furniture delivered to their home!

Your Catty Stacks can be arranged in several ways, and they come in five different colors! In addition to the pink and white boxes pictured here, they also come in shades of brown, blue, and green that will go with any decor. The retail value of a four-box set of Catty Stacks $71.96 in stores and $64.99 plus shipping through the company’s website, so free is an awesome deal!

To be eligible to participate in this special contest, all you have to do is become a friend of the Paws and Effect Facebook page. Once our Facebook page reaches 1,000 fans, we will post three trivia questions here on the Paws and Effect website, and the person who answers all three questions correctly will win this fabulous prize. In the event that more than one person answers all three questions correctly, we will use random.org to generate the winner’s name!