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Hi everybody! We’re taking a break from our usual cat advice to give you some people advice. We’ve seen tons of cool stuff for cats and cat lovers this year, and since it’s the time of year that people are starting to think about gifts for their beloved cats … oh, and maybe people, too … and this we’re going to tell you about some of them.

Cat art by Bernadette Kazmarski

"Lazy Cats, Sunday Afternoon" by Bernadette Kazmarski

“Lazy Cats, Sunday Afternoon” by Bernadette Kazmarski. Image used by permission.

Kazmarski is an amazingly talented artist who focuses much of her creative work on cats. Her Etsy shop features prints and original art works at price points for almost anyone. She will have a calendar and a book featuring her art soon, too.

Thirsty Cat Fountains

Thirsty Cat pet fountain

One of the many beautiful designs offered by Thirsty Cat Pet Fountains

We’ve been lusting after one of these gorgeous handmade drinking fountains for years. Most pet fountains are, frankly, kind of ugly, but these are works of art. Even if you buy one and your cats don’t drink out of it, you’ll have a lovely feng shui accessory for your home. Check out Thirsty Cat’s Etsy shop to see what’s available now — and if you don’t find anything that appeals right away, keep checking back; these fountains are individually made and inventory is always changing.  Thirsty Cat has offered us a special gift for our readers: use the code Pawsandeffect in the coupon code option box beneath the payment options at checkout for a 10% discount. Purrs!

An assortment of cool cat t-shirts

Three T-shirts for the discerning cat fanMama says kitsch has its place, but that place isn’t in her closet! To that end, we’ve found some non-cheesy cat t-shirts that are bound to appeal to everyone. Catsparella’s Every Day is Caturday t-shirt comes in both women’s and unisex sizes. Sleazy Seagull Jamwear’s Cat Flag t-shirt is bound to appeal to the cat-loving punk rocker in your life. Twenty percent of the proceeds from this limited-edition Homer holiday T-shirt will benefit the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s work to bring aid to the animals left homeless in the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan.

Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds

Cover of Whiskerslist: The Kitty ClassifiedsIf you’ve ever wondered what your cat is up to while you’re away from home, the secret is out! Author Angie Bailey noticed some odd activity on her computer — and after doing some research, she discovered a world she’d never known. You’ll be shocked when you delve into the seedy feline underworld of Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds. Read this book now and get informed, before it’s too late! (Oh, and laugh. A lot!) You can buy it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, or any cool brick-and-mortar bookstore.

“Oh, esteemed and knowledgeable kitties,” you may be saying. “What about gifts for my feline overlords?” Have no fear; we’ve got a few ideas for cat gifts, too.

Kitty Kottage honeysuckle cat toys

Mama brought a few of these home from the Cat Writers’ Association conference, and they were a HUUUUUGE hit. As you can see, Thomas just went wild. He loves his catnip, but apparently (as you can see in this video) honeysuckle is the best rush of all. You can buy these toys and a lot more cool cat gifts at Kitty Kottage’s online shop. (Please note that the honeysuckle they use is from the Lonicera species, not the toxic azalea plant known in some places as honeysuckle.)

Lynks felted wool cat toys

Lynks felted wool toys from Hauspanther Studios

Lynks felted wool toys from Hauspanther Studios

Mama brought a couple of these home from BlogPaws this year, and we’ve had lots of fun with them. They’re great to chew (and no, they don’t come apart when you chew them), and they’re really fun to bat around as well. You can find Lynks and lots of other awesome and fun cat toys at Hauspanther’s Etsy shop.

Tipsy Nip catnip goodies

Ever since we got a chance to review some goodies from Tipsy Nip a couple of years ago, we recommend Tipsy Nip to anyone who wonders what to get for the cat who has everything. Mama’s even talked a couple of her favorite boutique pet stores into selling Tipsy Nip products. In this video, Thomas is loving all over the Tipsy Nip Tickle Pickle, but we love their Tuna Sushi (bonito flakes and catnip) and everything else they make, too. You can buy Tipsy Nip products at their online shop or at one of the very awesome brick-and-mortar pet stores that carry them.

Spoiled Cat catnip body pillow

Thomas relaxes with a Spoiled Cat catnip pillow.

Thomas and his big furry Spoiled Cat catnip body pillow

Mama just found these in her favorite pet store and brought one home for us to try. Thomas has been sleeping with it, as you can see. Spoiled Cat products are made by a small company in Portland, Oregon and contain organic human-grade catnip. Buy them online or in an independent pet store in the Pacific Northwest.

Do you know of any other cool cat gifts? Please tell us about them in the comments. You’re welcome to include links, but if you do, don’t be surprised if your comment doesn’t appear right away: Mama has to approve any comments that contain links in order to keep the stupid spammers away!