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Sugar Kitty WednesdayHi everybody. Wow, it’s been a crazy time here at Paws and Effect HQ, what with getting settled in and Mama finding a new place to hunt green papers and everything else. But I’m back with a new Sugar Kitty Wednesday post.

Before I introduce you to this week’s kitty, I’ve got some great news! My friend Melody has found her forever home — in Minnesota! A family who’s familiar with taking care of kitties with Insulin AutoAntibody syndrome has welcomed her into their home. She flew there yesterday, and boy are her front legs tired! Tee hee hee! Anyway, please give a wonderful round of purrs and happy-tails and love blinks for my friend Melody.

Now, on to this week’s special sugar kitty. Let me introduce you to Sandy. She’s a beautiful tortie girl, about four years old, who was found as a stray. She became diabetic after she got a steroid shot for an ear inflammation, and because her family had a new baby they couldn’t give her the special care she required as a diabetic kitty. She was rescued by my friends at Diabetic Cats in Need and has been in foster care for the past 18 months. This shy girl is currently living at a home in coastal Virginia, where she is very much loved but is easily intimidated by her more outgoing feline housemates.

Sandy the cat. Photo COPYRIGHT by Ashley McLeod, used by permission of the artist. Please respect the artist's rights.

Sandy. Photo © Ashley McLeod, used by permission of the artist

Good morning, Sandy. How are you?

Sandy: Well, I’m kind of sad, Bella.

Bella: Why is that?

Sandy: Well, I love my humans, but I’ve got to stay in one room so the bully cat doesn’t come after me. Do you suppose I’ll ever have a home of my own?

Bella: Of course you will, sweetie! Who could resist a darling kitty like you?

Sandy: *sniffle*

Bella: Oh, Sandy, it’s all right. I know you’ll find someone who will fall in love with you, and I’ll do my very best to make it happen. So, tell me about some of your favorite things.

Sandy: Well, I love to be held and petted, and as long as there aren’t any bullies around, I’ll probably come up to you and ask for attention and skritchies. I may even let you rub my belly!

Bella: Anything else?

Sandy: Oh, I love being brushed! I even smile when my foster mama brushes my back and neck. It just feels so good! *purrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Bella: That sounds like fun. Maybe I’ll get Mama to brush me instead of coming after me with that Furminator thing!

Sandy: Oh, and I love doing the Food Dance. When my foster mama comes in with my food, I walk around her in figure-8’s and stroke her with my tail. Then she pats my head and puts my dish down, and I get my noms.

Bella: Speaking of noms, do you have any favorites?

Sandy: Well, even though I don’t have to have shots anymore, I should still eat a grain-free, low-carbohydrate wet food. But don’t worry, I’m pretty easygoing: as long as my stomach is full and I’m healthy, that’s what matters.

Bella: What’s your favorite toy?

Sandy: My scratching post! I love to run over and attack it and claw it to pieces! I’m a fierce little kitty! Fierce, I tell you! (Well, okay, maybe not with other cats, but the scratching post trembles when it hears my name.)

Sandy the cat on the sofa. Photo COPYRIGHT Ashley McLeod, used by permission of the artist. Please respect the artist's rights. Thank you.

Sandy relaxes on the sofa. Photo © Ashley McLeod, used by permission of the artist

Bella: You said the other kitties you’re living with make you nervous. Does that mean you’d rather live in a home without other cats?

Sandy: I think I’d be all right if you live in a quiet home with a few friendly and laid-back kitties.

Bella: Thank you for talking with me, Sandy. Like I said, I’ll do my very best to help you find that forever home you’ve been waiting for.

If you want to learn more about Sandy and see more pictures of her, check out this post at Diabetic Cats in Need or e-mail JennF@dcin.info. If you’ve totally fallen in love with her and you think you’d like to adopt her, please fill out an adoption application.