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Sugar Kitty Wednesday

Big news, you guys! On August 4, 2013, Claire went to her new FOREVER HOME! Yay, Claire! I’m so excited I’m running around in circles chasing my tail!

Hi, everybody. I’m so happy that you’ve been enjoying my Sugar Kitty Wednesday posts — and I hope some of you are thinking about adopting one of my extra-sweet friends. Even if you can’t adopt a sugar kitty from HART, I hope I can encourage you to bring a diabetic kitty into your home. We’re really not that much trouble, and we’d love to have a person to snuggle with. Please?

This week I want to introduce you to Claire. She’s a purebred seal-point Himalayan kitty — yes, you can find purebred cats in shelters, so don’t think you can’t get a purebred without getting some good rescue karma too — who’s about 11 years old. She lives with my friends in the diabetic room at HART of Maine. Hi, Claire!

Claire: Hi, Bella. Thank you for interviewing me.

Bella: No problem! So, Claire, I never got to meet you because you came to the shelter after Mama adopted me, so can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Claire: Well, people tell me I’m a sweet girl. I love to introduce myself to people when they come to visit the sugar kitty room and I love to be petted. I also like to play with feather toys. Aren’t they fun?

Bella: Ooh, I love feather toys too! If I were still there, I’d totally play Bat The Birdie with you. *purrr*

Claire: I think I’d like that.

Claire, a purebred Himalayan available for adoption at HART of Maine

This is Claire. Isn’t she beautiful?

Bella: The first thing I noticed about you, Claire, is that you’re incredibly beautiful! What gorgeous long fur you have, and Mama says your striking blue eyes are full of soul.

Claire: *blush* Oh, gosh. Thank you.

Bella: So, Claire, how are you doing with your diabetes?

Claire: Well, I’m doing great! I don’t have to take insulin shots anymore, and the people at HART are feeding me delicious food. It’s called Fancy Feast, but I really don’t think I’m all that fancy!

Bella: Oh, Claire, you’re totally fancy! *purrrrrr*

Claire: They do test my blood sugar once a week or so, just to make sure I’m still doing well, but if you want to adopt me, the HART folks will be glad to teach you how to do it. I don’t mind having my sugar tested. Not like Miss Sweetie or whatever her name is, over in the cage. This morning when your mama tried to test her blood, she screamed and cried and gave your mama a couple of good whacks — and got blood all over her cage, too. What a drama queen!

Bella: Some kitties are really rude, aren’t they? … Oh, Siouxsie, hush! Siouxsie says I’m rude to her. It’s just because I want to play with her and she doesn’t want to play with me. *sniffle*

Claire: There, there, Bella. You’ll be all right. Besides, maybe your Siouxsie’s in pain and she could use a little TLC instead of a game of tag.

Bella: Hmm. Really? Oh, wow! I just read on your photo that one of HART’s volunteers has offered to donate $100 worth of Fancy Feast food to the person who adopts you!

Claire: That’s so kind. I do hope someone takes me home. I miss snuggling with people.

Bella: Oh, I know somebody’s going to fall in love with you, Claire! If you’re interested in bringing this super-sweet, elegant lady into your life, you can fill out HART’s adoption application and e-mail it to the adoption team!

If you’re interested in adopting Claire, HART has lots and lots of perks for you: You’ll get $100 worth of Fancy Feast cat food, a year’s supply of insulin (if the kitty you adopt is insulin-dependent), a free blood glucose monitor and testing supplies, and free boarding for your diabetic kitty at HART if you need to go out of town. Oh, and a free class on how to do glucose tests and give insulin shots. Get in touch with one of HART’s adoption counselors for more information — call 207-829-4116 or e-mail info@hartofme.com.