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Sugar Kitty WednesdaySo guys, today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite kitty friends from HART of Maine.

Angus is an incredibly kind, gentle and loving cat. He’s about eight years old and, like me, he’s a gorgeous black cat.

When Angus came to HART, he was in pretty rough shape. He had severe diabetic neuropathy and could barely walk. You see, when cats with diabetes go untreated for too long, the nerves in the back legs stop working right. First the legs get tingly and numb, then they get so weak that the poor kitty starts walking on his heels rather than on his toes like cats are supposed to.

But Angus is doing a lot better now, and he’s ready to go to a wonderful new home. Hi, Angus, how are you?

Angus: Oh, Bella, I’m doing great! Right now I’m basking on the window sill and enjoying the sunbeams warming my fur. I couldn’t do that before.

Bella: That’s awesome news, Angus. What have the HART people been doing to help you get better?

Angus, a black cat, asks in a window

Angus is a wonderful, sweet cat and he’d love to come home with you.

Angus: Well, first they got my blood sugar under control. When I first came in, my glucose level tested at over 500 mg/dl (that’s 27.75 mmol/l for those of you outside the US), and I was so sick!

Bella: Wow, Angus. That’s awful! Didn’t anybody treat your diabetes before you got there?

Angus: I’m pretty sure whoever was looking after me didn’t know what was going on. But thankfully the HART people did. When I first started on insulin I was on 3 units, twice a day, but now I’m down to 1 unit twice a day.

Bella: Why do you think you’re getting so much better?

Angus: I don’t know, but I hear a lot of the people here talking about giving us the right food, so maybe that’s part of it.

Bella: How are your legs these days, Angus?

Angus: Well, the fact that I’m sitting in the window should tell you something! I never got off the floor when you were living here, remember? But now I’m climbing and hopping up on things. Oh, Bella, I haven’t been able to do that for such a long time! *purrrrrrrr*

Bella: That’s amazing! I felt so bad that you had to hang out on the floor all the time, so I’m glad to hear this news.

Angus: I’ve been getting Vitamin B12 shots to help my nerves heal, and it’s working!

Bella: So, Angus, if somebody wants to take you home, what should they know about you?

Angus: Well, I do still have to have insulin twice a day, so a person would have to be ready to do that. But maybe if I lived in a forever home, my stress level would go down and I’d finally be able to stop getting those shots!

Bella: Anything else?

Angus: Well, I might be a little shy at first, but I really do love people. I especially enjoy being brushed. I get along well with kids and mellow, cat-loving dogs (I do not want to be chased!), and I hope you’ve got lots of little bouncy ball toys because I love to chase them around the room. I’m fine with other cats — I get along well with my friends in the sugar-kitty room — but I wouldn’t mind being an only cat, either. Also, I’m fine with having my sugar tested; I’ve gotten used to having my ears poked now.

Bella: Wow, Angus, I’m surprised your forever human hasn’t found you yet. I hope I can help make that happen for you. Purrs and nose-kisses, darling!

Angus: Same to you, Bella. Here’s a picture of me sitting in the sun so you can see how well I’m doing!

Angus, a black cat, resting in the windowsill

Angus loves basking in the sun.

If you’re interested in adopting Angus, HART has lots and lots of perks for you: You’ll get $100 worth of Fancy Feast cat food, a year’s supply of insulin, a free blood glucose monitor and testing supplies, and free boarding for your diabetic kitty at HART if you need to go out of town. Oh, and a free class on how to do glucose tests and give insulin shots. Get in touch with one of HART’s adoption counselors for more information — call 207-829-4116 or e-mail info@hartofme.com. You can download HART’s adoption application here.

Angus is waiting for his forever person. Could it be you?