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Update, Nov. 30, 2013: Oh, purry happy days! Denny found his forever home today with a wonderful lady who wanted a gentle older kitty — and Denny was the perfect fit for her! Congratulations, Denny, and may you have a wonderful time in your new home. Purrr, purrrr, purrrrrrrr!

Hi everybody, Bella here. Mama told me that June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, and then she told me that my friends in the diabetic kitty room at HART of Maine are having trouble finding forever homes. Well, I’m not having any of that! I promised them that they’d find their forever homes someday, and I’m going to help them by introducing them to you.

My first diabetic friend is Denny. Say hi, Denny!

Denny: Hi, Bella. Thanks for choosing me as your first Sugar Kitty Wednesday feature. I’m honored.

Bella: Well, of course! I wanted to start with you because you’re a black cat like me. I hope Angus isn’t jealous.

Denny: Oh, he’s fine, don’t worry. Nothing bothers him much.

Bella: Okay, I feel better now. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Denny the cat

This is Denny. Isn’t he handsome?

Denny: Well, um, where to start … I guess with the basics. I’m neutered, of course, and I’m about 12 years old. Your Mama and the other shelter volunteers say I’m very playful and I act about half my age. I do love my feather toy!

Bella: I know this is going to be a hard question, Denny, but how did you find yourself in the shelter?

Denny: I had a really nice human whom I loved very much — but on December 8, 2011, she stopped moving forever … *sniffle* … and I had to go to the shelter. I’ve lived here ever since.

Bella: I’m sorry, Denny. Here, let me give you a cheek rub and a kiss.

Denny: Thank you, Bella. You always were a sweet cat, even if you were a little hyper.

Bella: So, Denny, I guess people might be intimidated by the fact that you’re diabetic, so why don’t you tell them about how the shelter people care for you.

Denny: It’s easy! I haven’t had to take any insulin for a long time, so if you adopt me you’re not going to have to give me shots every day! You should check my blood glucose periodically, but the people at HART can show you how to do that.

Bella: Do you have to eat any special food?

Denny: Well, I do have to eat low-carb, grain-free canned cat food. They won’t let me have any dry food because it makes my blood sugar level go up. But it’s not any kind of ultra-super-premium super-expensive canned cat food — it’s just plain old Fancy Feast classic pate. (I can’t eat any food that has gravy in it because gravy has a lot of carbs.)

Bella: That’s great news, Denny! I’m off the juice, too! I haven’t had to have any insulin since about a week after Mama brought me home. *purrrrrrr*

Denny: Good girl, Bella. You just keep on doing what you’re doing.  Um, I should say there’s just one more little thing: I seem to have developed a case of hyperthyroidism, and I have to take a pill for that every day.

Bella: Oh, yuck!

Denny: It’s not so bad, really: the folks at HART crush up my pill, put the pill powder in a syringe and mix it with water. Then they can just squirt it in and I swallow it up like a good boy. Your mama’s given me my medicine a couple of times, and she can tell you how well I behave.

Bella: Oh, she has — and I’m very proud of you! Are there any things you especially love?

Denny: Oh, I love getting brushed, getting special attention and loving petties (oh, how that makes me purr!) and playing with my feather toy.

Denny in the diabetic room at HART of Maine

Denny was kind of sad for a while there. He was in foster care for a few weeks … and then his foster family returned him to the shelter. Poor guy!

Bella: What about dogs, kids and other cats?

Denny: I’m good with dogs and older human children  — but please keep the toddlers away! I’m used to living with other cats; after all, I’ve lived in the shelter for more than a year now!

Bella: Thanks, Denny. I hope we can help you find that loving forever home!

Denny really is a wonderful cat, everybody! If you want to visit him, go to HART of Maine’s shelter in Cumberland, Maine. You can even fill out an adoption application (download it here) and e-mail it to the adoption team.

If you’re interested in adopting a diabetic cat from HART, they’ve got lots and lots of perks for you: You’ll get $100 worth of Fancy Feast cat food, a year’s supply of insulin (if the kitty you adopt is insulin-dependent), a free blood glucose monitor and testing supplies, and free boarding for your diabetic kitty at HART if you need to go out of town. Oh, and a free class on how to do glucose tests and give insulin shots. Get in touch with one of HART’s adoption counselors for more information — call 207-829-4116 or e-mail info@hartofme.com.