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Sugar Kitty WednesdayHi everybody. I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed meeting my kitty friends Denny, Wilma, Claire and Linus. This week I’ve got an extra-special treat for you — if you’re looking for a really sweet guy, look no further than Honey!

This handsome white-spotted “marmalade cat” is about 10 years old. He can usually be found greeting visitors to the diabetic kitty room at HART of Maine — and sometimes making a run for the door, just to keep all the volunteers on their toes. Tee hee hee!

Honey loves to talk and he’s got a sweet, gentle purr. Mama says Honey likes giving head-bonks and helping her clean the sugar-kitty room. He especially likes it when the volunteers tune the radio to the country music station — I’m more of a rock’n’roll gal myself, but to each their own.

So, Honey, how’s it going?

Honey: Well, pretty good, actually. Can’t complain — it’s a pretty decent gig here, but I’m told that a forever home is really where it’s at. Maybe I’ll get one someday. Oh, and for the record, I’m more of a jazz guy, man — but if I gotta choose between country and rock, I’ll take country. It’s a little mellower, ya dig?

Bella: Forever homes really are the cat’s meow, Honey. I hope you get one of your own, too. So, they tell me you’re diabetic.

Honey, an orange tabby and white cat available for adoption at HART of Maine in Cumberland, Maine.

Honey is a gorgeous guy who’d love to have a forever home of his own.

Honey: Yeah, they tell me that. But I haven’t had to have a shot in a long time, so maybe I’m not diabetic anymore.

Bella: I haven’t had to have any shots for quite a while, either, but Mama still keeps me on my grain-free, low-carb diet to make sure I don’t have to have any more shots again.

Honey: The food they feed us here ain’t too bad, either. I guess it’s easy to find — you can even get it at the grocery store, which I guess makes life easier for any person who might want to help me find out what a forever home is like. I’ve heard tales of a delicious nectar called filet mignon. Have you ever had that?

Bella: No, I haven’t. Mama tells me it’s a kind of meat, and since she doesn’t cook much meat I’m not surprised I’ve never heard of it. I like my rabbit and chicken just fine, though. I heard that you had a shot that made your blood sugar go up. What was that?

Honey: Yeah, man. I got a steroid shot ’cause I got a little rash (I’m all better now!) and everything went all kerflooey for a while. But hopefully I’ll never need a steroid shot again.

Bella: If you were to get a forever home, what kind of home would you like.

Honey: I want to be the king of my castle! I’ll love all over people, but other cats — eh, I’ll leave ’em alone as long as they don’t steal my food. Oh, and catnip, man: lots of catnip!

Bella: What about dogs?

Honey: What are these dogs you speak of?

Bella: Never mind — we’ll just say “dog-free home preferred.”

Honey: Yeah, man, that’s cool.

Bella: Is there anything else you’d like a potential adopter to know about you?

Honey: I really love being brushed. I hope that anyone who takes me home brushes me lots and lots! Also, the HART people tell me I behave really well when I get my glucose tested. I don’t think of it as behaving, it’s more like, pick your battles, man. Ya dig?

Bella: Yeah, I dig. Thanks for talking to me today. Stay cool, big guy!

Honey: Always. *wink*

If you’re interested in adopting Honey, HART has lots and lots of perks for you: You’ll get $100 worth of Fancy Feast cat food, a year’s supply of insulin (if the kitty you adopt is insulin-dependent), a free blood glucose monitor and testing supplies, and free boarding for your diabetic kitty at HART if you need to go out of town. Oh, and a free class on how to do glucose tests and give insulin shots. Get in touch with one of HART’s adoption counselors for more information — call 207-829-4116 or e-mail info@hartofme.com. You can download HART’s adoption application here. Do it now! You know you want to. *purrrrrrrrr*