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Sugar Kitty WednesdayHi everybody. It’s Sugar Kitty Wednesday time again, and now that I’ve interviewed all my friends at HART of Maine, it’s time to move on to the bigger world — so now I’m going to start helping Diabetic Cats in Need get the word out about super-sweet kitties all across the United States and Canada that need to find homes. Some of their charges are in pretty urgent situations, so I’m going to start with them. But first, an update: you remember my pal Honey? Well, he went to his new home last week! Purrs and congratulations, my sweet, cool dude.

Today I want you to meet Chubby. He’s living in a town in southern New Hampshire, right near the Massachusetts border. His caretaker was in an accident and is now wheelchair-bound, and therefore can’t take care of poor Chubby anymore. A neighbor is coming by and giving Chubby his insulin shots, but this has been going on since July and who knows how long this situation is going to last? So, hi there, Chubby. How are you today?

Chubby: I’m kind of confused. I’m still not sure what’s going on: my person can’t give me my shots anymore and so this other person comes in and does it when they can, but … oh, I don’t know!

Bella: Why do they call you Chubby?

Chubby: Because I’m 25 pounds of pure love!

Bella: Oh my gosh! Have you been to the vet for that?

Chubby: What’s a vet?

Bella: Oh, dear.

Chubby: Just kidding! I’m sure I went to the vet a few years ago … otherwise, how would my person know to give me insulin?

Chubby the cat

Chubby the cat. Photo courtesy of Diabetic Cats in Need

Bella: What are they feeding you?

Chubby: Oh, you know: crunchy things and gooshy foods — the usual.

Bella: You might consider switching to an all gooshy-food diet. It could help your diabetes.

Chubby: All gooshy food? Really? Oh, man, that’s the life for me!

Bella: All right, Chubby, you take good care of yourself, and I hope you find a great home where they can treat your diabetes and all that good stuff. Purrs to you!


Diabetic Cats in Need is trying to find a home for Chubby where he can eat a diabetic-friendly diet and work with people who know how to manage diabetes (or are willing to learn). They also want to get him to the vet for blood work and a physical exam to find out what’s going on with him, since he hasn’t had a checkup in a long time. For more information on Chubby and information on how to adopt him, visit this post at Diabetic Cats In Need’s website.