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Sugar Kitty WednesdayHi everybody. Sugar Kitty Wednesday is back! My commitment to help diabetic cats like me never wavered, but I gave Mama a break from helping me because our big move was really tough for her — aren’t I a nice, sweet kitty for doing that? Anyway, this week I’d like you to meet Chloe. She’s a beautiful cream-colored tabby girl current living in a Diabetic Cats in Need foster home in North Carolina, and she’s DCIN’s September 2013 Kitty of the Month.

Chloe is 10 years old, spayed and declawed (hiss), and she was sent to a shelter just because she has diabetes. DCIN rescued her last year, just before she was Put To Sleep, and she’s been in their care ever since.

Hi, Chloe! How are you doing?

Chloe: Well, I’m all right, I suppose. It’s comfortable here and my foster family loves me … but the dogs kind of make me jumpy.

Bella: I totally understand, Chloe. Hearing dogs barking makes me a little skittish, too. How are you doing with your diabetes?

Chloe: My people had to give me insulin when I first got here, but I haven’t had to get any shots for a whole year now.

Chloe sitting next to a ceramic cat statue

Chloe says this kitty scared her at first, but they’ve made friends now.

Bella: Good for you! I haven’t had to get any shots for a long time, either.It sure is a relief, isn’t it?

Chloe: Oh, yes. I was good when they poked me because I knew it made me feel better, but … well, you know.

Bella: So Chloe, I’m trying to help find you a forever home, so please do tell me a bit about yourself. First of all, what kind of place would you like to live in?

Chloe: I don’t care how humble or majestic it is — I’m not that kind of girl — but I really need to be in a home without any dogs. My foster family’s dogs are nice, but they really make me nervous!

Bella: Would you like to live with other cats?

Chloe: I get along okay with my foster brothers and sisters, and there is this boy I like. He’s quiet and calm and stuff. I do better with boy cats than with girl cats, but I’d love, love, love a home where I’m the only cat. I was an only kitty before my humans sent me to the shelter *sniffle* and I really miss having all that lap time to myself.

Bella: What’s your favorite thing about your current home?

Chloe sits on a bed

Chloe loves her soft bed. Could she have a bed of her own in your home?

Chloe: Well, I do love this nice, soft bed and comforter. I’d love a pretty kitty bed all my own, maybe on the couch next to where my new family sits so I can enjoy love and petties even while they’re reading or watching TV.

Bella: Anything else you’d like people to know about you?

Chloe: I’m still getting used to the whole “being picked up and held” thing. I really don’t like that very much. I’d rather get in your lap when I feel like it. Let me approach you and I’ll feel a lot better.

Bella: Well, Chloe, I hope you find a forever home really soon! You’re a lovely kitty and you deserve that special lap you’ve been waiting for.

If you want to learn more about Chloe and see more pictures of her, check out this post at Diabetic Cats in Need or e-mail JennF@dcin.info. Purrs and kisses to you, Chloe!