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Siouxsie here. Last month we told you about Fresh Step® Cat Litter’s “Does Your Cat Have Star Power?” video contest.

As soon as I heard about the contest, I decided this was my chance to shine. So a few weeks ago on a relatively warm January day, I decided it was time to go for a walk. I cried and cried until Mama put my harness and leash on and let me outside. Of course, like most humans, the silly woman can’t go anywhere with cats and not have a camera in her hand! I suppose if I were being true to form, I’d grumble a bit about the indignity, but the truth is I kind of liked it. Not only did I get to go outside, but I also get to experience the worldwide fame of having my beautiful voice featured in an online video contest!

The winning kitty gets to be in a national TV commercial for Fresh Step® Cat Litter. I sure do hope I win because I’d love to be a TV star. But since I’m black, the odds are pretty low, I’m afraid. *sniffle*

I don’t understand why so many people think black cats are unlucky and scary. I mean, I’m a wonderful, loving kitty, and I’ve brought more good fortune into my Mama’s life than any cat could ever hope to!

Maybe we can all stand together and get people to stop hatin’ on the black kitties. Every one of you humans who’s been privileged to share your life with a black cat knows how awesome we are.

But enough of my angsting. It’s time for me to settle in for a good day’s snuggle. Meanwhile, you can participate in this contest, too. All you have to do is upload a video of your cat doing something cute, crazy, smart, vocal, sassy — or anything else — to the Fresh Step® YouTube channel. And if you’re a black cat and your video is in the contest, let me know. Let’s show ’em that black cat power at work!

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