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We want to spread the word about a major animal rescue mission underway in the Santa Clarita Valley of California, USA.

Rescuers at Animal Acres Sanctuary and The Gentle Barn Foundation, along with L.A. County Animal Regulation & Control, area dog rescue organizations and other sanctuaries, are in the process of rescuing, providing veterinary care for, and rehoming 200 dogs, 30 or more cats, and 300 or more farm animals including goats, sheep, ducks, pigs, geese, a llama, an emu and a pregnant horse– almost all of which are in need of medical attention. The animals were found at an area ranch, abandoned and sick. The only water they had was polluted by gasoline.

Both of these rescues are in need of volunteers and donations to help provide medical care for these animals, and they are searching for permanent homes particularly for the ducks and geese right now. If you visit either of these websites, you’ll see links for “Emergency Animal Rescue” that will have more information.

Here’s a link to a story about the rescue that appeared in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

As cats who were rescued by loving humans and shelter staff, we’re appalled by this incident. Even one abused and neglected animal is too many, but hundreds? That just makes us want to hiss and spit! We love our dogs and our goats and our chickens and our geese and our bunnies, and just to think of someone doing anything but treating them with kindness makes us terribly sad. Mama says that if she lived in California, she’d be volunteering to help out. We ask our readers that if any of you can render assistance–either as volunteers or through donations–that you please do so.

If you can’t give time or money, then please spread the word so that more people learn about this tragedy and more help can come to those animals and their rescuers.