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Below are some of the pieces I have written for outlets ranging from this blog to national publications.

Cat-Related Writing

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

How I Got My Diabetic Cat “Off the Juice”

What Should I Feed My Diabetic Cat

Belladonna-Sweet Sugar Kitty (Rescued Vol. 2 anthology)

Lymphoma in Cats: What Is It, and How Is It Treated? (Catster.com)

Thomas Update: Lab Test Results and Kidney Disease

Honoring the Bond Program Provides Support for Grieving Pet Guardians

How TrapKing is Breaking Stereotypes and Changing the World (Catster.com and Catster Magazine print edition)

The Snip that Saves Lives (Catster.com and Catster Magazine print edition)

Vox Felina Provides Solid Science for TNR Advocates
(Catster.com and Catster Magazine print edition)

Non-Cat-Related Writing

What Is Structured Data, and Why Should You Care?

No, Welfare Benefits Are Not “Big Money”
(I also created the infographic in this article.)

How Can We Enact Meaningful Welfare Reform?