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Hi everybody, Thomas here. Today we’re going to write about a very important topic, and one that a lot of humans don’t think about: planning for your cats in the event that you get sick.

The reason we’re discussing this is because Mama’s in the hospital. (Don’t worry, she’s going to be OK! She’s been getting better every day.) Fortunately, Mama has some good friends, including my favorite, Auntie A, also known as Nice Fingernails Lady, and they have a mutual agreement to help one another in the event that something like this happens.

Bella: I want Mama back. I miss sitting in her lap while she’s on the funny white chair, and I miss her special petties and snuggling up with her in the giant cat bed that we let her share.

Thomas: Oh, I do too, but sometimes humans get sick in a way that they can’t treat at home by sleeping a lot and drinking lots of yummy-smelling soup.

Bella: Do you suppose we could go to the hospital and visit Mama?

Thomas: I don’t think that’s allowed. And that’s really dumb, because everybody knows cats help their people feel better. *grumble*

Bella: Do you suppose Siouxsie’s visiting her?

Thomas: Well, she always did love Mama more than anybody else, and now that she’s not in her body anymore, maybe she can sneak in while the nurses aren’t looking.

Bella: Oh, I hope she’s doing that! So, what should humans do to make sure their kitties get everything they need if they have to go to the hospital.

Thomas: The first and simplest thing is to do what Mama did: make a mutual care agreement with a good and reliable friend. Auntie A knows that Mama will take good care of her cats if she gets super-sick, and Mama knows that Auntie A will take good care of us.

Bella: It’s best if you have a few friends or family members who can help, because there may be a time when one friend can’t come over and feed your cats, and you want to make sure they have someone visiting them every day.

Thomas: If you don’t have friends or reliable family members nearby, it would be a good idea to establish a relationship with a pet sitter. If you know you might be prone to sudden hospitalizations, you can ask that pet sitter if he or she wold be available on short notice if needed.

Bella: In fact, that would be good to ask a pet sitter even if you don’t have any illnesses that you know of. And pet sitters might be willing to do this for a regular customer. Trust me, you don’t want to try to find a pet sitter when you’re sick enough to be in the hospital!

Thomas: Auntie A has been taking pictures of us every day and texting them to Mama to brighten her spirits …

Bella: I don’t know why she had to take a picture of me cleaning my pee hole, though. That wasn’t nice!

Thomas: Oh yeah? Well, at least she didn’t take a picture of your butt while you were eating!

Bella: Well, I suppose if it’s in the service of Mama getting better, it’s OK.

Thomas: But really. My butt? She could have taken a photo of my Royal Face instead!

Bella: Anyway, some of the things you should do for your backup caretaker are:

  • Provide keys to your building and your apartment or house.
  • Make sure the backup caretaker knows who your vet is and where the vet is located.
  • If you have pet insurance, make sure your primary backup caretaker is listed on the policy, so if your cat gets sick, the backup caretaker can contact the insurance company to get claims started.
  • Ensure that the backup caretaker knows what type of food your cats eat, and how much they should eat per day. If the food requires preparation, make sure they know how to do that, too.
  • Also, make sure the backup caretaker knows how much you’re able to spend in the event your cat does get sick or injured while you’re in the hospital. That will help the caretaker make better decisions on your behalf.

Thomas: How about you other readers. Are there any things you would add to this list?

Bella: Have you had to go to the hospital or been called away on an emergency? What did you arrange in advance for your cats? Is there something else you wish you’d done?

Thomas: Let’s talk about it in the comments so we can help each other to be more prepared for emergencies.