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Hi everyone, Thomas here! Mama’s having a Very Bad, Awful, Icky Day today, so instead of making her type our post for us, we’re going to help her by sharing some fun photos. You see, things have been going really well here at Paws and Effect HQ, and we want to share the good news with you, too. So here are some photos to prove it.

First, check out Tara being all brave and sitting in the beddie by the window!

Tara is enjoying life at Paws and Effect HQ more than ever.

Tara’s gotten so brave!

Bella and I are really proud of Tara. She’s been hanging out all over the place, and even sitting on Mama’s chest every night when she starts watching movies or playing a computer game. Of course, Mama’s always like, “Tara, you’re a great door, but not much of a window,” and tries to move her.

But then Tara just gets even busier with helping Mama:

Tara sits on a desk in front of a computer.

You didn’t need to check Facebook, did you?

Of course, Tara’s not the only one who’s busy helping Mama. Bella and I are always anxious to help her get to sleep by climbing all over her while she’s in bed.

But that work is tiring, so we have to make sure to get our beauty rest.

Thomas and Bella snuggle in their favorite chair.

Really, Mama? You woke us up for THIS?

Paws and Effect HQ doesn’t function on its own, after all. We have to be ever vigilant to ensure that we’re here to help, and that Mama’s here to help us.

But we’re good kitties, and even though we have to suffer the inconvenience of endless photos and other assorted silliness, we’re always here for you–and for Mama!

Thomas is a concerned kitty.

Mama, are you okay? Please don’t worry!

Because I’m a wise and noble cat, I take care of most of the things around here. You can see how concerned I am about Mama’s sad, and she knows I want to help, too. (Also, Mama says I’m naturally photogenic, and unlike Bella and Tara, I’ll actually sit still when she takes pictures of me.)

So that’s our update. That, and we’re supposed to get tons of snow here at Paws and Effect HQ tomorrow, so maybe Mama will be staying here for more snuggles instead of going to the office to chase green papers.

Thank you for bearing with us and understanding that sometimes we can’t always offer advice because we’re busy comforting our dear Mama. Purrs and love to all of you!