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We were all ready to answer a question from one of our readers today, but Mama came back from a visit with her family and she looked so tired …

Bella splayed on the bed

And we felt bad for her. You see, she’s getting ready to bring Paws and Effect HQ — and the Paws and Effect Gang, of course! — all the way across the country to our new home in Seattle! She’s pretty excited, but kind of frantic, too.

Bella in mid-play

We’re going by car, and Mama’s only going to take what she can fit in the car, so that means she has to get rid of almost all her belongings. She’s doing a really good job, but all she can see when she looks around is mountains of stuff.

We think she needs to spend some down time with us this evening. We’re a little bit stressed, but we’ll be fine, as long as we’re with Mama. She’s had us all microchipped and made sure our shots are up to date, so we’re all fit and ready to travel. So come on, Mama … relax!

Thomas relaxes on the coffee table

Because soon enough, we’ll be bidding farewell to our beautiful home on the coast of Maine, to go to another beautiful home on the coast of Washington. We’ll report from the road, of course, and once we get our new Paws and Effect HQ set up, we’ll show you lots of pictures!

An oddly beautiful Portland sunset