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The esteemed and knowledgeable kitties of the Paws and Effect Gang don’t get to go outdoors and enjoy nature, but I do my best to bring nature to them in the form of a raw diet, herbal remedies, supplements and environmental enrichment. In order to do that successfully, I’ve learned a lot about what makes cats tick. The main reason I started writing Paws and Effect 11 years ago is because I wanted to share my knowledge with you so you can bring nature to your own cats.

Belladonna sprawled upside down in a sun puddle

Siouxsie, Thomas and Bella don’t get to go outside, but they do have plenty of sun puddles to bathe in.

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to shill for super-mega-pet-product-corporations, but I’ve chosen not to do that because I value your trust (and my integrity) so highly. If I do talk about a product or a brand, it’s only because I have used or would use it for my own cats. With that in mind, when I learned about Only Natural Pet, I was really impressed.

Only Natural Pet has introduced its own line of natural cat foods, cat vitamins, natural flea repellents, and even a natural cat litter made of clumping pine cobbles.

The product line is cool enough, but when I joined a conference call with Only Natural Pet’s Director of Research and Development, Kersten Lee, I learned that the company’s own values are very much in alignment with mine.

Only Natural Pet came into existence when Marty Grosjean’s dog began having chronic health issues. Grosjean was working with a holistic vet to manage his dog’s care, but he was disappointed in the lack of access to quality supplements and remedies for pets. He founded Only Natural Pet because he wanted to make it easier for people to find these products.

Only Natural Pet logoOnly Natural Pet now has an impressive array of products that it sells through its retail stores and its website. The company works with well-known veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve, co-author of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care (one of the books that changed my and my cats’ lives, by the way) and writer of the holistic cat care blog Little Big Cat, to formulate products that are biologically appropriate for cats and dogs.

Lee explained that their products are made and sourced in the United States, and they vet all their suppliers to ensure that they are providing materials that meet Only Natural Pet’s quality standards.

And what are those quality standards?

The company started by using the Whole Foods Quality Standards as a reference and went several steps farther. Only Natural Pet products’ ingredient standards keep out chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, allergens, and anything artificial (no bright-green and bright-red kibbles loaded with nasty chemical flavor enhancers here, folks).

In a few weeks I’ll be reviewing several Only Natural Pet products including raw food, odor and stain remover, natural pine cobble litter and supplements. I’m looking forward to sharing the results with you.

In the meantime, if you want to check out Only Natural Pet for yourself, visit their online store and see what they have to offer. Siouxsie, Thomas and Bella are licking their chops in anticipation of what the UPS truck will be bringing for them next week!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Only Natural Pet, but Paws and Effect only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Only Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article.