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Please don’t think we’re betraying you, our feline fans, by sharing with all our readers that today, August 22, is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day. We are cats, after all, and everykitty knows that going to the vet is just about our least favorite thing in the world. But deep inside, we do know it’s an important part of staying healthy, and so does our mama. One of the reasons we tolerate those trips (not without a lot of wailing and cursing, mind you!) is because they only happen once a year and they appease Mama – and an appeased Mama is more likely to give us lots of treats and extra love!

Siouxsie rests happily on the cat tower

I really don’t mind going to the vet. I don’t like the trip, but I sure love all the attention I get once I’m there. That thermometer in the butt thing, though — I could do without that. ~ Siouxsie

Anyway, why is there even such a thing as National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day? Many studies have revealed that cats get the short end of the stick when it comes to getting regular vet care. A 2009 study conducted by the cat litter company Feline Pine provided some alarming revelations about how rarely cats go to the vet. Of the 720 people who responded to the survey, more than a third of them only took their cat to the vet only if the animal was sick or injured. Worse yet, only 17 percent had their cats regularly vaccinated against rabies and distemper.

Thomas curled up in a basket with his toys

Move along, nothing to see here! You really don’t want to put me in that carrier, do you? … Oh, $#%^^&@@! ~ Thomas

Listen, people — going to the vet isn’t just about getting shots. Mama takes us to the vet every year, whether it’s time for shots or not, because she knows how important it is to have a record of our health. Also, we cats are really good at hiding illnesses and pain, and those trips to the vet can help Mama understand if something’s wrong with us before it gets really bad. Catching a problem while it’s small makes the treatment more effective, less painful — and less expensive!

Kissy looking a bit dejected

Really. A trip to the vet. Oh, I suppose …. It’s not as though I haven’t spent enough time at the vet’s office, though! ~ Kissy

Mama also uses those trips to the vet to ask questions about general health issues and discuss things like nutrition and vaccination schedules. She says it’s really important to have good communication with your vet and get to know your vet in easy times so that if one of us gets really sick, you can understand and trust your vet to do the right thing by your cat friend.

Mama also says it’s really important that if you go to a new vet, you bring your kitty’s previous records with you. This will help your new vet get an overview of your cat’s health history and ensure that, for example, your kitty doesn’t get more shots than she needs. Your cat’s veterinary record history will also show your new vet that you’re a responsible caretaker and very engaged with ensuring your kitty’s health. Vets love that!

Even if you don’t do it today, if your cat hasn’t seen the vet in a while, please make an appointment for a “well pet” checkup. Your kitty deserves it because she deserves to enjoy good health for as long as possible.