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Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties:

I am a very new cat owner. Actually, I was adopted by a pregnant 2-year-old California Spangle six months ago. She was not that far along, so I had the pregnancy terminated and had her spayed. Her name is Faith and she is now a house cat and is doing great. Being a “dog person” all of my life, this is my first cat and I am very happy. Here is my question: When Faith is on my enclosed porch, which has many large windows, she looks outside and watches the many birds on the ground. She has just begun making short, low volume, chirping sounds as she is watching the birds eat seed on the ground. Her tail wags, I am able to come up to her and pet her, and she continues her “chirping,” for the lack of a better term. What does this mean?

~ Matthew, Novice Cat Owner

chattering cats. image courtesy of catladyland

Cats "chirp" when they're excited about something they see outdoors. Image courtesy of Catladyland.

Siouxsie: Well, Matthew, what you’re witnessing is the behavior of a very excited cat.

Thomas: And maybe a little bit frustrated, too.

Dahlia: Cats make that chirping noise — which people sometimes refer to as chattering — when they see something fascinating and potentially delicious, but they can’t reach it.

Siouxsie: When Faith sits in your window and watches the birds, she’s saying that she’d be out hunting and chasing them if she could get outside.

Thomas: Sometimes I do that when I see the squirrels running around in my yard. Mama keeps us inside only, so I can’t get out there and hunt, but it’s so exciting that I make those noises and swish my tail around.

Dahlia: This video shows a cat chattering/chirping at a crow outside her window. I bet this is very similar to what your cat does.

(In a reader? Watch this melt-a-liciously cute video here.)

Siouxsie: Of course, I wouldn’t chatter at squirrels! I chatter at birds, like a normal cat!

Thomas: Oh, phooey on you! Where’s your Christmas spirit, you big Grinch?

Dahlia: Come on, you two — if you’re naughty, Santa Paws won’t come and we’ll all be sad kitties!

Siouxsie: I suppose you’re right, Dahlia. I’ll have to give Thomas a swat after the presents are under the tree.

Thomas: Anyway, Matthew, your cat’s behavior is totally normal. And please continue to let her chatter away as much as she pleases, but keep her indoors for her health and the health of the birds that visit your back yard.

Dahlia: Here’s another chirping-cat video. I just can’t help it, they’re so cute!

(In a reader? Go check out this video at Catladyland.)

Siouxsie: Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, blessed Solstice/Yule, joyous Kwanzaa, and Festivus blessings to all of you. And if we missed your winter holiday, we apologize for our ignorance. Please feel free to tell us about the winter holiday you celebrate and give us a link to more information about it. We strive to be the wisest kitties on the planet, and you can help us do that!