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Some cats are cool and sedate even when the weather is hot. My big guy, Thomas, is one of those. He’s wise enough to know that some days it’s just better to lounge than to play.

Thomas lies stretched out on the floor. Photo by JaneA Kelley

But not even a massive heat wave can stop my baby Belladonna from being her sweet, nutty self. She can keep herself entertained for hours by playing soccer with her favorite toys. Even when I’m melting in the heat and don’t have it in me to give her some interactive play, she’s never short on things to do.

If she gets tired of her toys — because, after all, toys stop moving when she’s no longer flinging them in the air and down the hall — she can change things up by doing a few rounds of wrestling with her tail.

Bella chases her tail. Photo by JaneA Kelley

Bella loves to hang out with me. When I’m writing, she works very hard to edit my work by stepping on my keyboard, and she’s always happy to distract me from writer’s block by walking back and forth in front of the monitor. She also helps me check my email and social media by sitting in my lap and resting her front paws and head on my wrist. Sometimes she even allows me to goof off with her.

JaneA holds Bella in a silly pose. Photo by A. Culver

One of Bella’s favorite relaxation activities is Bikram yoga. Of course, I refer to it as “boiling your brains and stretching in ways that you shouldn’t be able to stretch.” But as you can see, Bella is quite the little yoga master.

Bella in a frog-leg pose on the bed. Photo by JaneA Kelley

When Bella’s done with her yoga, she does another round of aerobics — this time by flinging herself from the sofa to her cat tree and quite literally hanging on by one paw until she claws her way up to the top shelf. Once there, she rests for a while and enjoys her audience’s adoration.

Bella in her cat tree. Photo by JaneA Kelley

But I have to say that my absolute favorite thing about Bella’s natural character is that she and Thomas are the sweetest snuggle buddies on the planet! Every single day I see them curled up together in their favorite bed. Sometimes they even groom one another. I don’t know what the two of them would do without each other!

Bella and Thomas have a snuggle. Photo by JaneA Kelley

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