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If you live in California, you’ve probably heard of Maddie’s Fund, the animal rescue group founded by Dave Duffield, the founder of PeopleSoft, and his wife Cheryl, to save the lives of cats and dogs, including seniors and those with treatable medical conditions.

You all know I have a special place in my heart for senior, adult and special-needs cats. After all, Siouxsie is 17 and still going strong, I adopted Thomas when he was 3 years old, and Bella is a diet-controlled diabetic. I’ve had the honor of rehabilitating emotionally traumatized cats and of knowing cats from the day they were born until the day they drew their last breath. There’s no feeling quite as wonderful as giving a special cat a loving, forever home, and I’ll say that until the day I die.

Maddie's Pet Adoption Days are going nationwide, and the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals is leading the charge.

In the past, Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days have taken place only in the organization’s home state of California, but this year, the event is going nationwide. Here on the “right coast,” the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals is leading the charge with a massive adoption event on June 1 and 2 at more than 50 adoption locations in the New York City area and at two giant outdoor adoption events in Manhattan.

Thousands of New York cats and dogs will be available free to qualified adopters. (Yes, to qualified adopters. All applicants will be screened just as carefully as they would be if they were paying the full adoption fee.)

But Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days won’t just benefit the hundreds of cats and dogs who will  hopefully find forever homes: the participating shelters benefit, too.

Maddie’s Fund will pay organizations $500 for each adoption of a young and healthy animal, $1,000 for each adoption involving a dog or cat who is 7 years of age or older or who has been treated for one or more treatable medical conditions, and $2,000 for each adoption involving a dog or cat who is 7 years of age or older and who has been treated with one or more treatable medical conditions.

If you’re looking for a new kitty friend and you live in the New York City area, I can’t think of a better time to adopt a cat. It’s a total win-win: You get to adopt your kitty for free, and the animal shelter gets money anyway. Check out the cats and kittens waiting for a new forever home at the 50 participating organizations.

Not in New York? Don’t worry: Pet Adoption Days is a nationwide event! You can find your forever friend at four locations in California as well as Washoe County, Nev.; Dane County, Wis.; and Alachua County, Fla. For more information, visit the Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days website.

June 1 and 2: Mark your calendars now because you don’t want to miss this massive event. Come on — all the cool people will be there!

 This is a sponsored post, but the opinions expressed here are completely my own.