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Dear Most Esteemed and Knowledgeable Kitties:

I have two cats, Murfie and Tywin, and they get into everything. If we leave the garbage can out, they knock it down and eat everything they can out of it. While we’re gone from home or sleeping they get into the cupboards and eat everything that’s not in plastic containers. They’re always trying to snatch food away from our plates while we’re eating. No, my cats are not starved — they are fed three times a day (wet and dry food mixed together) Can you offer some advice as to why or how to stop them from their bad habits?

~ Peyton

Thomas: That’ a good question, Peyton, and we have to tell you that Mama’s been pretty successful at thwarting all of our attempts to get into the garbage and eat stuff in the cabinets.

Bella: Phooey! What fun is that? I used to like eating crunchy dry pasta!

Thomas: You know you’re not supposed to eat starchy foods, Bella; if you do, you might have to get poked with needles again, and you don’t want that, do you?

Bella: No, I don’t. But I still want to see what’s in there and eat anything that looks like it tastes good. I guess I’ll just have to go explore the medicine cabinet.

Thomas: Don’t do that! There’s nothing for kitties in there. And if you do eat anything in there, Mama’s going to have to take you to the vet and they’ll make you throw up. Does that sound like fun to you?

Bella: I guess not.

Thomas: Anyway, Peyton, here are some of the tools Mama used to keep Bella out of the cabinets.

Dreambaby magnetic locks

Mama used these on the cabinets.

Bella: First, she used magnetic locks that only can be opened with a special opener. Of course, using the opener requires opposable thumbs, so I can’t do it. *pout*

Thomas: I don’t mind. At least there’s not pasta and flour all over the floor when Mama gets home.

Bella: You’re no fun.

Thomas: The great thing about these locks is she didn’t have to screw them in. They can be fastened by adhesive, which is on the back of the locks and the closer. This is better if you rent because you’re going to do less damage to the cabinets when you take the locks off.

Bella: Mama also stopped putting tasty-smelling stuff in the trash, so I just don’t feel the need to explore in there.

Thomas: A metal trash can with a pedal-style lid can also help to keep kitties out of the garbage. Mama used that successfully with us when we lived in Maine. She has a plastic one right now, and it works well, too.

Bella: But she puts the tasty stuff in the compost or leaves it in the fridge, and that’s no fun, either. I can’t get the lid off the compost bin to get in there.

Thomas: Good grief, Bella — first world kitty problems much?

Bella: *sniffle* Stop being so mean! The struggle is real!

Thomas: But my least favorite thing Mama did was a trick to keep us from sitting on the table.

Sticky Paws cat training toolBella: Would you believe she took a whole piece of cardboard, cut it into just the size of the table (with flaps on to keep it from moving) and covered the whole thing with Sticky Paws? Yuck! Now I don’t even want to get on the table when she’s doing a jigsaw puzzle. And knocking the pieces onto the floor is so much fun.

Thomas: We still like to investigate what Mama is eating, though. When she doesn’t sit at the table, we’re always trying to sniff at her food to see if it’s something tasty for kitties.

Bella: And she’s always pushing us away when we do that! How fun or fair is that? And then she says, “You’ve already had your supper. Let me eat mine in peace.” Meanie!

Thomas: Mama does have a point when she says that, though, and one push-away is usually enough for me. If only Bella would be so polite.

Bella: Are you trying to say I’m rude? I’m just curious, that’s all. *sniffle*

Thomas: Oh, for goodness’ sake, quit your pouting!

Bella: *sigh* You see what I have to put up with?

Thomas: Anyway … do you other readers have some tips on how to keep cats out of the cabinets and off the table? Please share them in the comments if you do, especially if you’ve managed to successfully keep cats off the table and out of your food.