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Hi there. Siouxsie and Thomas said I could write this week’s post because, well, I think they wanted to take a nap. Anyway, my name is Belladonna Moonshadow Kelley, or Bella for short. I’m so excited to be here in my brand new forever home! I don’t think I’ve stopped purring since I got here!

Bella lounges on the top shelf of the cat tree

This is me on the giant cat tree!

Yeah, so anyway, here’s my story. Mama met me because she’s been volunteering at HART, a no-kill, volunteer-run shelter not too far from Paws and Effect HQ. She didn’t intend to adopt any cats, of course, but we all know how that goes. Tee hee hee! It was love at first sight, for both of us! It’s like I knew her from somewhere Before … but I don’t know where.

Bella sits on top of a cage in the diabetic cat room at HART.

This is a picture Mama took of me on the day we met.

Anyway, I came to HART the long way around. When I was a kitten, a nice family adopted me from another shelter in Maine. They loved me a lot and I had lots of fun … but then I got sick. I couldn’t digest my food and I started losing weight, and, well, I just wasn’t feeling very good. They took me to the vet to try to find out what was wrong. In fact, they took me a lot. And I had to have all kinds of blood tests. Eventually, they found out that I have diabetes.

They were sad because they knew a diabetic cat was just more than they could deal with. I don’t mind; I know it’s hard work to keep me healthy. Their vet called the shelter where I originally came from, and they said they didn’t have the ability to take care of a diabetic kitty — but they suggested that the vet call HART. The people at HART were glad to take me in. In fact, they’ve got several diabetic kitties there.

JaneA and Bella

Mama and me in the shelter. She’s kind of embarrassed because she’s having a Bad Hair Day.

A lady named Margaret, along with lots of other volunteers, helped me get better. I had to take shots for a while, but the food they were feeding me was high-protein and very low carbohydrate … just like a cat should eat … and I got better and I didn’t have to take shots anymore. But the shelter people knew it’s hard to get people to adopt cats with diabetes. They tried, but very few people wanted to take us. It wasn’t until Mama came along that I thought I might have a forever home again. But Mama applied to adopt me (yay!) and everybody said she’s a good kitty caretaker.

Bella hops into the carrier.

I was ready to go home right away! Especially because that carrier is so nice and fancy, and she even put her pajamas in there so I’d smell more like her family when I got home.

Before I could go home with her, though, Margaret gave her a big, long lesson on how to test my blood sugar and give insulin shots, and sent her home with lots of good information about what I should eat and so on. Margaret also sent me home with a super-fancy blood glucose monitor donated by Diabetic Cats in Need, and a whole bunch of other supplies like lancets, syringes and insulin donated by HART. Isn’t that awesome?

A set of diabetic testing supplies.

These are some of the things Mama has so she can take good care of me. There’s a glucose meter, testing strips, a whole bunch of lancets to poke holes in my ear for blood tests, and syringes to give me insulin shots.

Anyway, before Mama could bring me home, I had a growth spurt and I guess my little pancreas wasn’t ready for all that bigness, so I’m back on insulin for a while until everything gets sorted out. But Mama doesn’t mind. She says she’s happy to do whatever she has to do to make sure I stay healthy and get big and strong. *purrrrrrrrr*

Bella sniffs at the diabetic testing supplies

Even I’m happy about my testing supplies. And Mama’s pretty good at testing me, too. *purrrr*

So, Mama went to all this trouble of making me my own little space so I could get used to living with Thomas and Siouxsie, but I felt like I already knew them. I didn’t want to stay in that room, either. I wanted to explore the whole house!

Bella stands by the bedroom door, her tail up and ready to move in.

Nobody’s stopping me from checking out my new home!

Thomas and Siouxsie have been pretty nice to me, too. Thomas touched noses with me through the carrier when I first arrived, and as soon as I got out, he started chasing me around the house trying to sniff my bottom! Tee hee hee.

Well, of course, they have hissed at me a little bit, but that’s to be expected. I know we’ll all be good friends soon.

Now I’m all settled in and ready to start my new life in my new forever home with my new family. I’m so happy, I don’t think I’ve stopped purring since I got here! I’m the luckiest cat in the world!

Bella lounges on the top shelf of the cat tree.

See how relaxed I am? I love this place! *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to meeting all of you through this site and our Facebook page or Twitter, and Mama says I can help teach people about diabetes in cats and how it’s really not all that hard to take care of a diabetic kitty. She says we can write about what helps me get better and what makes me sicker, and maybe by doing that I’ll be able to help all diabetic cats — especially the ones who are looking for forever homes, like I was.

I’m the luckiest, happiest kitty in the world! Yippeeeeeee!