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Happy cat is happyThose of you who came looking for Paws and Effect some time within the last 24 hours probably noticed that we’d disappeared. What happened was a technical meltdown of the sort that no webmaster ever wants to deal with. But fortunately our Mama is very smart and she kept our site backed up. While she was in the process of resurrecting the site, Mama decided to do something she’d been planning to do for a long time: change hosting providers. So here we are, back online at our fresh, new hosting account.

You’ll probably notice that the site is running a lot faster now, and we hope that you’ll continue to enjoy Paws and Effect for many years to come. Please join us in purring and giving Mama lots of loving petties; it’s been a very hard 24 hours. Mama says she’s still got some tweaking to do in order to get everything exactly the way she wants it — but we’re just delighted to be back on the air again.