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Paws and Effect is still on hiatus as a cat advice blog, but Thomas is working on his memoir, with some help from Mama.

Thomas is in his thinking spot, getting ready to share his story with the world.

Yes, we’re still on hiatus from writing this blog. But we’re not just sitting in our beds and staring out the windows. Thomas is currently writing a memoir about his years as a feline blogger and all the cats with whom he’s shared the honor of working on Paws and Effect over the past 15 years.

Thomas is the last living member of the original Paws and Effect Gang, and we don’t want our history to fade into nothing but a bunch of ephemeral pixels.

The book’s working title is Paws and Effect: 15 Years In the Life of a Blogging Cat.

So, as you can imagine, writing a book is a pretty time-consuming endeavor, but we hope when we get it published, you’ll enjoy reading it!