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In the small city of Belfast, Maine, a group of cat-loving volunteers has undertaken a massive rescue effort. The discovery of 22 abandoned cats and kittens has driven a group of local cat lovers to trap and rescue these cats, get them veterinary care–which many of them desperately need, since they have infections and other illnesses that come about as a result of neglect and abandonment.

Although this may not seem like a big deal if you live in a large city, it’s a huge rescue effort for a community as small as Belfast, particularly since it’s being run solely by volunteers with minimal assistance from animal control.

Animal shelters in Belfast and the surrounding towns are already overloaded, so although they’re helping as much as they can, the shelters simply cannot find space to house these cats.

The group hopes to find foster or permanent homes for all these cats and kittens. If there’s anything you can do to help, or if you’re interested in adopting one of these cats, please call Larraine Brown at (207) 338-2734.

Just one more thing: Mama knows Larraine personally–as well as several of the other people doing the rescue–and she can vouch for them. This rescue effort is legit. Thank you!