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We got a whole bunch of entries for our Catty Stacks Giveaway trivia contest, and we’re really delighted that so many of you chose to participate! Two of you got all the answers correct, and of those two, the winner is …

Teri T.!

Congratulations, Teri! Please go to the Catty Stacks website and pick out what color(s) you want for your four-box set of Catty Stacks. And please e-mail us with your color choices and an address where we should have them shipped!

For the record, the correct answers are as follows:

Question 1: How many posts have we made about the Be The Change Challenge?
Answer: There are 10 posts tagged “Be The Change.”

Question 2: How many books are for sale at our Amazon Associates store?
Answer: 39. There are five pages of book listings, four of which contain 9 books each, and a fifth that shows 3.

Question 3: When Mama was at the 2010 BlogPaws West conference, she was inspired to take on a new mission: Educating about, advocating for, and adopting FIV-positive cats. What was her first experience with an FIV-positive cat?
Answer: Mama was inspired to take on the cause of FIV-positive cats because her first cat, Castor, had FIV and died as a result of complications of the disease.

Thanks to all of you who participated, and stick around because we’ll have more giveaway contests in the future!