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Our friend and advice-giving colleague Sparkle the Designer Cat has recently published a most excellent book called Dear Sparkle: Advice from One Cat to Another. This isn’t your usual human-written cat book. It’s written by cats and for cats–although humans of exceptional intelligence and wisdom may be able to understand the insights within.

With wit and a wisdom, Sparkle shares advice for a talkative Siamese whose human won’t do anything but baby-talk; a cat faced with a ferret roommate; and worst of all, a kitten whose people won’t play with him!

We learned our Mama is very well trained. She’s already learned a lot of what Sparkle tells other cats to teach their people. We’re very grateful to all the other cats who came before us for doing such a good job with a person who was admittedly rather obtuse before they came along.

You can buy Dear Sparkle (or any other of the awesome cat-related books and goodies we recommend) at the Paws And Effect A*Store–and help Mama buy us kibble and gooshy foods, too!