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Hi everybody! We’re sorry we didn’t put together a whole big post for you this week, but Mama’s had kind of a rough day and we want to take it easy on her — so we’re going to share some photos and other cool things that Mama and her friends have written.

Siouxsie on Mama's lap

Siouxsie here. My favorite time of day is time on Mama’s lap. Well, it used to be, anyhow. Maybe it will be again soon.

Siouxsie: Let’s start with an update from me. After all, I am the Top Cat. I have to admit something to you all: I kind of feel like I’m … slowing down. I mean, I still eat well and stuff, but I’m just not as excited about things as I used to be. Maybe I’m on the verge of some kind of transition; after all, I am quite venerable for a cat, having just celebrated my 18th birthday and all. Mama wrote a post for Catster recently about coping with your cat’s mortality, and maybe if you have an elder kitty you’ll find some support there.

Thomas in a Hepper Pod

Thomas here. I love the UFO Mama brought back from BlogPaws!

Thomas: Hi everyone. I’m really liking this Hepper Pod! Mama brought it back from the annual BlogPaws pet bloggers’ conference, where she helped the amazing Kate Benjamin run the Hauspanther Cat Style Lounge. There was all kinds of great stuff there, and Mama wrote all about it here. Bella likes the Hepper Pod a lot, too, and she and I take turns sleeping in it. If only it were big enough for both of us, we could snuggle in there together.

Bella gets some love and petting on Mama's lap

Bella here. I love all the extra lap time I’m getting with Mama these days!

Bella: Well, I’m getting lots of love and attention these days, and Siouxsie’s letting me spend all kinds of time on Mama’s lap. Maybe she feels bad for me after Mama shared her guilty confession. I thought I was going to have to get my little kitty hobo sack and go somewhere I’d be appreciated! But it turns out that Mama appreciates and loves me just as much as ever. *purrrrrrrrr*

Siouxsie: In other cool news, you should check out Squee TV Channel 3 and visit the brand new kittens at Kitten Associates. They’re growing like little four-leggedy weeds!

Thomas: And our friend Ingrid over at The Conscious Cat wrote about how important a cat can be as a pathway to spiritual connection. Everyone here at Paws and Effect HQ agrees with this, including Mama, who says she never would have been gainfully employed as our chief cat slave for so long if another cat teacher hadn’t opened her eyes to this fact.

Bella: And last but by no means least, be sure to hug and pet your feline friend every day. Not only do we love it, but it’s good for your health too. We don’t need no steenkin’ link to a website to prove that!