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The cover of Sex and the KittyJust over a year ago, five kittens were born in the small town of Harpenden, England. In those early days, filled with the kittenish delights of eating, snuggling and napping, nobody suspected that one kitten, a then-unassuming black female would become the instigator of antics that would rocket her to local, regional, national — and perhaps even international — fame.

Sex and the Kitty: A Celebrity Meowmoir is written by Nancy the Cat. Although she’s not even two years old yet and acknowledges that she may still be just a bit young to tell the story of her life she takes her inspiration from jailbait-age celebrities like Justin Bieber. “Plus, I am not stupid,” she says. “By getting my first memoir out now, I am leaving the door open for possible sequels.”

This story is a hilarious 194-page romp through Nancy’s life to date. It begins with her birth and adoption by a new family, which came along with her first terrifying experience with small children and an introduction to her grumpy feline housemate, Pip. But the action really starts when Nancy sets foot outside her back door for the first time.

Those tentative first steps are the beginning of a career as a roamer-about-town, frequenter of pubs, feline hitchhiker, and the mastermind behind Team Nancy, a group of neighborhood cats that become the core of her fan club. Brambles, a neurotic Siamese with irritable bowel disorder; Bella, a traumatized tabby with abandonment issues; and neighbor cat Murphy join together to help Nancy become a world-famous kitty and meet her dream tom, Mr. Kit-e-Licious, England’s number-one cat star.

When I first started reading the story, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to enjoy it. The book is certainly very well-written, but I had a hard time finding a connection to Nancy, who, like most kittens, was extremely self-centered and narcissistic. But by the end of Chapter 3, when Team Nancy was fully formed, I was hooked.

Of all the material in this book, I’ll never forget Chapter 15, “The Show Must Go On,” in which Nancy gets a role in her community theatre’s performance of Animal Farm. Let’s just say that the antics are so classically feline and so delightfully gruesome that, like the similarly silly and grotesque Monty Python skit “Salad Days,” I still chuckle when I think about it.

But her stage debut is only the halfway point of Nancy’s search for fame and fortune, champagne-filled galas with Mr. Kit-e-Licious on her arm. You’ll have to read the book to discover the rest of her antics … and her education about what it really means to be a celebri-kitty.

Although the book is titled Sex and the Kitty, there is no sex. Sorry. In fact, Nancy is rather put out by the title: she has a zero-tolerance policy for cat-based puns, but her editor insisted the title would boost sales.

The book is available for sale in paperback (the link goes to the Paws and Effect boutique at Amazon.com; if you buy from there, you help me to fill Siouxsie, Thomas and Dahlia’s treat allowance jar) and Kindle editions, and probably in a variety of other e-reader formats as well. It is a delightful and fast read, and it would make a great holiday gift for any cat lover from about 11 years old and on.

If you want to see what Nancy is up to these days, check out her Facebook page and send along a friend request. Tell her the Paws and Effect Gang sent you.