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Be The Change for PetsWe’d like to introduce you to our friends at PurrEver Ranch, a “hospice for senior kittizens and wayward pussycats.”

PurrEver’s founder and sole cat caretaker, Rita Wood, opened the shelter in 2004 when she realized that although there were many shelters and rescue organizations in her area, none of them focused on homeless senior cats. She made this her mission and operates her shelter out of a ranch in Somerville, Tennessee, USA.

Despite the fact that PurrEver receives no federal or state financial aid, Rita has provided a safe place for hundreds of cats that would almost certainly have been euthanized just because they were “too old” to adopt.

Recently, PurrEver Ranch’s landlord died, and his widow has been advised to sell the house and land. Rita and the senior kittizens in her care desperately need a new home, and soon.

“Ideally, we would like a farm on at least 50 acres with barns, but a country home on 10 acres with a workshop would be a dream come true,” says Wood.

Can you help to Be The Change for PurrEver Ranch? You can make a donation to help PurrEver buy a new home — or to purchase much-needed supplies.

If you know of a property that would fit PurrEver’s needs, please e-mail Rita with the information. She’d like to stay in her area, but she’ll gladly move if someone wants to donate a suitable property somewhere else.

Even if you can’t help Rita financially or donate a home, please, please spread the word far and wide. Tweet it, Facebook it, blog it, whatever. Rita and these wonderful cats deserve a “forever home.”

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Thank you so much. And the senior kittizens and wayward pussycats thank you, too!