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Good morning, everybody. We’re reporting from beautiful Bismarck, North Dakota, where we’re staying in a palatial hotel room that Mama says is probably bigger than our apartment in Seattle! Tee hee hee!

Thomas, Bella and Siouxsie in their carriers in the back seat of the car

Buckled up for safety!

So far the road trip has been going great. We’re enjoying the traveling — well, except for Siouxsie, who whines and complains for the first hour of car time. But Mama’s compassionate, because Siouxsie said she’s crying because she gets carsick when we go through all those twists and turns it takes to get on the highway.

Thomas took it hard at first, though. When we got to our first stop in Buffalo, New York, he hid behind the bed for a couple of  hours.

Thomas hiding behind the bed in the hotel room

Thomas hides behind the bed

But a couple of hours later, he came out and sat with Mama.

Thomas, out from hiding and letting Mama pet him

Thomas came out of hiding and let Mama pet him.

We’re all excited to get to our final destination, and Mama says she’s going to post a complete travelogue on Catster — so look for the link to the story on our Facebook page! Purrs and kisses to all of you.