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Oscar the Cat

Who could resist that face and those lovely orange stripes? Oscar is waiting for that perfect forever home. Could it be your home?

As we continue our celebration of Adopt-an-Awesomely-Special-Pet Week (known to some as Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week), we’d like to introduce you to Oscar, currently in the care of Save Our Strays, a rescue headquartered in Fairfield, Maine.

If you’ve heard that orange male tabby cats are the most personable, friendly, and loving of all cats, Oscar offers living proof of that. (We, of course, believe black cats and stripy gray cats with white boots and mittens are the most friendly, personable and loving of all cats, but anyway — back to the cat at hand.)

Oscar is a lap cat and loves to hang out with people when he’s not outside napping in his favorite sun puddle. He’s lived with a young child and was good with him; he also gets along well with dogs and, after a few days, with other cats as well.

What makes Oscar different, and supposedly “less adoptable,” is that he has no feeling in his tail or back legs. Perhaps he got hit by a car when he was younger, or perhaps he was born that way. He can walk, but he has trouble controlling his pee and poo. He has to wear a diaper at night because if he’s in a deep sleep, he can’t feel if he needs to pee and will wet the bed. (His foster mom made him some diapers, which will go with him when he goes to his new home, and she’ll show adopters how to make them, too.)

Oscar also needs help to poop. Yes, that may sound scary, but his foster mom says it’s really not that bad. He hunches his back and meows loudly when he needs to go, and then you push on his tummy until the poop falls out. He even stands up in the litterbox to help out.

He is a bit finicky about his litterbox — it must be absolutely clean — but who can blame the little guy?

Oscar is neutered and current with all his vaccines. He’s waiting to find that perfect home with a person who can understand his disabilities and give him the compassion and love he so richly deserves.

To find out more about Oscar, contact Save Our Strays.