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Kimbo is patiently waiting for her forever home. Could it be with you?

As we continue our series of posts to celebrate Adopt-an-Awesomely-Special-Pet Week (known to some as Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week), let us introduce you to Kimbo, currently in the care of Save Our Strays, a rescue headquartered in Fairfield, Maine.

This beautiful, loving girl is about 4 years old. She was abandoned by her previous “owners,” but that hasn’t affected her great personality. She greets her people at the door, just like a dog, when they come home from work.

Kimbo would, however, prefer to live in a home without children because their fast movements can make her a bit skittish. She’s lived with other cats and will probably adapt well to a home with other feline friends.

Kimbo is FIV-positive, which means she’s been exposed to the virus but she isn’t sick. In fact, she’s had five visits to the vet, all of which show that she’s very healthy.

Because she’s FIV-positive, Kimbo would do best in a home with other FIV-positive cats or perhaps as an only cat. However, as this article from CatChat states, recent research has shown that the risk of transmission when FIV-positive cats live with FIV-negative cats is minimal.

FIV is spread by deep, penetrating bite wounds, like the kind tomcats might give each other when they fight. It is not spread by casual contact, cuddling, eating or drinking out of the same dishes, or even by scratching or superficial bites. As long as the cats get along well enough not to engage in epic combat, even a home with FIV-negative cats would probably work fine.

Even if Kimbo was never exposed to FIV by fighting with other cats, she could be testing positive because she was vaccinated against FIV. Cats that get the FIV shot develop antibodies to the disease, so they too test positive for the illness.

FIV is not a death sentence. Not by any stretch of the imagination. FIV-positive cats can live long, healthy lives in the care of a responsible owner who feeds them high-quality food, keeps their stress levels to a minimum, and ensures that they get regular veterinary care.

Kimbo is spayed and up to date on all her shots and eagerly awaiting a “forever-family.” Once you earn her trust, you will be delighted by her loving nature, her sweet personality, and her loyalty.

Contact Save Our Strays for more information about Kimbo.