JustAnswer PixelPaws and Effect

Whereas our youngest sibling, Dahlia P. Kittenface, is in the running for a Shorty Award (for the best Twitter users out there) in the category #cattitude,

and whereas Dahlia has been nothing but a pain in our flank since she began running for the award,

we beseech and command all of our followers with Twitter accounts to vote for Dahlia (Twitter username dahliapkitten) in the Shorty Awards Cattitude category: http://shortyawards.com/category/cattitude. You may also follow her tweets if you wish; we have been told that she writes haiku and other interesting stuff.

Signed and sealed herewith,

Her Royal Highness
Siouxsie Mew
Top Cat and Queen of All Eastern Cats
and Most Puissant Lap Fungus